Healing Mama’s One Handed Breastfeeding Snacks

Healing Mama's One Handed Breastfeeding Snacks

One of the first things we do for our clients is prep them a days worth of one handed breastfeeding snacks.

Let’s get real- basically your job as a new mama is to sit around with your tits out. That’s why we created the hashtag #titsoutinbrooklyn for our instagram! But maybe you are not quite yet at the stage of your breastfeeding journey where you are able to nurse your puppet baby as you march in the Mermaid Day Parade at Coney Island. That’s okay, it’s good to have goals.

In the meantime let’s just focus on you healing and eating enough. That’s where these great one handed snack ideas come in HAND-y. Ask your doula, partner, friend, neighbor, mom or other well meaning visitor to work for their baby cuddles and prep you one of the snacks below. Or send them this blog link and tell them your bossy doula said so 😉

One Handed Breastfeeding Snacks

Think ease, portability, and PROTEIN! Did you know that a breastfeeding mother needs approximately 75g of protein per day?!

  • Ants on a Log- so classic: celery with cream cheese or a nut butter and raisins
  • Veggies and Hummus
  • Peppers, carrots, celery, broccoli
  • Rice Cakes with Avocado and Cheese of Choice (may we suggest a decadent Brie!?)
  • Cute Mason Jars Full of Nuts, Seeds, Chocolate Chips, and Dried Fruit
  • Glass of Almond Milk and Oatmeal Cookies (oats are great for lactation!)
  • Hearty Bone Broth Based Soups in a Mug (served luke warm as not to be a hazard for baby)
  • Toddler Squeezy Packs- seriously. If you don’t already know what we mean by this you will by the time your kid is 1! You can even buy reusable squeeze packs and refill them with yogurt or a fruit puree
  • Birdsong Bliss Balls- whats this?! Stay tuned for the recipe….
Our Hero.

Our Hero.

*** This is Catherine. She is our favorite mermaid ever. She breastfed for 13 years through 2 children and is a pretty neat lady. The best part of all of this was that she was there marching ALONE. That takes balls. And boobs




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