Mama of the Month: Katherine Emerick

Tell us about your transition into motherhood.
What was postpartum like for you with each kiddo? Were they very different?
Each of my postpartum periods were different. Aside from the influx of hormones with the boys, I experienced little to no negative effects during my postpartum period. With the girls, it was much different. With no family support and navigating breastfeeding for the first time, it was hard to cope when the days started flowing into one another.
Talk to us about writing and motherhood.
Writing makes me happy, it was a part of me long before children and now- it’s necessary. It’s the only place I can truly express my feelings and how I see the world.
How has motherhood changed you?
I don’t believe I would be as empathetic as I am now, if it weren’t for motherhood. It’s pushed me forward when I’ve wanted to give up and I’m grateful for the title.
Can you drop some mama realness for us? 
I think mothers around the world should be seeing positive expression and more real life content when opening the apps on their phones. Curate your social media carefully and if anyone makes you feel uneasy – block them. Move forward and focus on you.
In what ways do you really shine as a mama?
I shine in my loyalty and dedication to my children. I would give everything up if it meant they’d be happy.
Can you share one of your funnier moments as a mother?
Well – just yesterday, ever came out of the bathroom with poop on her hands and belly and I cried. Literally cried and then laughed harder than I have in a while. Sometimes you just have to.
Do you have any advice for expecting or new parents? 
Trust your intuition.
Do you have advice for other mom writers?
Keep writing.
If you want  to keep up with Kat’s writings and reflections you can follow her on IG @katherinethewriter // visit her website or listen to her podcast

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