Birdsong’s Guided Gathering
Improv for Birthworkers
Postpartum for Birth Doulas
Seasonal Community Mother Blessing
Survive To Thrive
Mentorship for doulas

Birdsong’s Guided Gathering

Now more than ever, as women, we need safe space to access our feelings and be validated. To dive deep into the beauty, power, truth and wisdom that is at the heart of these feelings – what are these feelings here to teach us? – and to ground ourselves without shaming ourselves. Covering themed topics we will explore and honor everything from the anxiety ridden chaos of just getting out of the house in the morning to the cultural climate around current American and Global politics. Everything we need, including the answers to whatever we are struggling with, are found inside of ourselves. Take a minute to be still and let yourself connect with the vital energy and wisdom you are.Using tools from meditation to shakespeare and everything in between we will create a sacred container for these thoughts and feelings. Bring your blood, bring your fire, bring everything you are.

Improv for Birthworkers

As birthworkers we need to be agile, flexible, collaborative, creative, innovative, nonjudgemental and resilient. That’s a tall order. This immersive hands-on class speaks to the increasing diversity of skill-set we need to do our jobs and do them well. Improvisation provides people a practice in building the tools to make them better listeners. It instills an increased openness to new thoughts and ideas and builds confidence, empathy and understanding.

Creating a fun and physical learning environment, Erica and Laura take their backgrounds as performers and improvisers and teach birthworkers how to come out of their shells and increase their ability to hold space, understand and laugh their way through birthworker life. We develop storytelling capabilities that will boost your branding, practices and exercises that increase agility and thinking on your feet and games that increase your ability to respond to curveballs, to better manage change, and to bounce back from a stressful or traumatic experience..

Learn as we take the basics of comedy improvisation (“yes and”, ready to fail, risk taking, being in the moment and commitment) and apply them to the field of birth work for a exciting, fun and expansive new look at how to be a sacred space holder. Book more clients by increasing your communication and interviewing skills, being comfortable giving your spiel on the fly and welcoming humor into your work. You’ve never taken a class this fun!

Postpartum for Birth Doulas: Maximizing the Power of Your Post Birth Visit


By providing a postpartum shift you have to opportunity to set the families you serve up for a successful postpartum journey, no matter the outcome of their birth. By applying these tips, techniques and tools you can take your included postpartum shift to the next level by supporting families in a deep and nourishing way. We’ll include many suggestions of how to enrich your postpartum gifts as each family is always different in what they need. Fostering your knowledge of what a family needs after birth can only strengthen your approach to your services as a whole. Encouraging your clients to develop and grow in their confidence as new parents can enhance and strengthen your quality of service therefore increasing your clientele, improving your word of mouth referrals and enriching your overall value as a doula.

Seasonal Community Mother BlessingBirdsong Brooklyn

A ritual that marks a woman’s transition to motherhood- women only (so a great way to meet other pregnant mamas) and will consist of a meditation, crafts, intention setting and practical discussion about what is ahead. We feel like it is the perfect event to marry the excitement and mysticism of pregnancy with the foresight and grounded understanding needed for a happy postpartum. Feel free to bring your sister, mom, or bestie (or all 3!) to take part with you.


Survive to Thrive: Everything you need to know about transitioning into parenthood through the first year Birdsong Brooklyn

Everything you’re dying to know (but are too afraid to ask) about the shifts you, your partner and family will undergo as you welcome a new baby into your home. Taught by Erica Livingston and Laura Interlandi of Birdsong Brooklyn, these two seasoned postpartum doulas will take you and your partner on a hilarious and need-to-know info journey prepping for the 4th trimester. This four class series is geared toward families in their 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy as you begin to chart the threshold between pregnancy and parenthood. New parents with babes in arms welcome too.

Week 1) Body After Baby

Everything you need to know about healing from birth (vaginal and cesarean), abdominal strength  including belly binding, postnatal nutrition (including breastfeeding nutrition), and how to get quality rest. You will get tips, tricks and recipes you can even start preparing now.

Week 2) Are We Crazy?!

The short answer is, no! Understand how the shift from pregnancy to postpartum affects you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Looking through the lenses of both western biology/hormones and wisdom traditions cultivate an awareness about what to expect including tips and tricks to boost mood and happy hormones. We will also touch on the range of normal and how to identify Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Week 3) Sexy Baby Time

Let’s talk about sex baby! And not just sex- but intimacy, bonding, and getting your personal and collective groove back as parents. You don’t want to miss this one!

Week 4) Making Your After (Birth) Plan

You have heard of a birth plan right? Well after that tiny human emerges- a lot of stuff happens. Makes sense to plan for it right? Now that you have a grounded understanding in what to expect postpartum, let’s work together to maximize the support you have on hand and come up with a practical plan to sail through this rite of passage. Each family will leave with a completed postpartum plan including: Meal Planning, Circles of Support, Local Resources and Ways to Stay Connected.

Mentorship for doulas 

Are you a birth or postpartum doula serving families in NYC? Looking for mentorship? Contact us to learn more about our mentor program.

I want a mentor!

All classes © Birdsong Brooklyn 2013 

Mother Blessing photos by Laura Kiev / Other photos by Laura Salierno


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