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Virtual Postpartum Doula Session With Birdsong

Need support but feel far away? No problem.

For the Expectant Family:

Work with us to plan for an empowered and supported transition across the threshold. We will help you harness your circles of support and give you practical tools to prepare. Depending on your areas of interest we can cover questions about everything from birth healing to feeding choices, twin care, sibling prep, babywearing, postpartum nutrition, the spiritual bridge including closing the portal mindfully, nourishing both the self and relationship among other practical, emotional and esoteric aspects. (Phone/Skype/FaceTime)

For the New Family:

If you are already postpartum we can use the time to address any areas of motherhood and self care that are currently presenting challenges. We will do a follow up to provide requested resources and also send you a personalized meditation based on your intentions to continue working with.

Our Mission:

We provide hilarious, practical and fully integrated heart based support for families in New York City. As DONA certified Postpartum Doulas we have been teaching original curriculum, performing private and community Mother Blessing ceremonies and working in home with new mothers since we birthed our first babies in 2013. As mothers, between us, we have birthed 5 babies in 3 years and have learned personally and in our work that with a few tools, the right support, lots of resources (and some hearty laughs!) it is possible to thrive during the wild ride that is the transition of a new baby (or babies!)

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