Postpartum Care

A postpartum doula supporst a family in the transition of welcoming a new baby.

A postpartum doula does:

– Empower the mother by helping her to feel balanced, rested and supported to be the mother she wants to be to her baby
– Keep mama fed and well hydrated
– Advise the family on how to make the most of the support they have on offer
– Help to process the experience of giving birth regardless of whether it went “as planned”
– Provide breastfeeding support: getting a good latch, various positions, advice on what is “normal”, tracking diapers, identifying possible serious issues and provid appropriate referrals
– Bring healthy snacks to the mother while nursing and help advise on healthy breastfeeding nutrition and self care
– Help set up nursing stations and diaper changing areas throughout the home
– Home organization and functional flow of space to support mothering
– Offer evidence based advice on a range of normal newborn care issues
– Assist with the learning of baby carriers
– Help the mother get rest
– Prepare meals and tidy up the home
– Help the partner find practical ways to support the breastfeeding mother
– Set up meal trains
– Sibling care and transition for families welcoming a second child
– Helping to run errands or accompanying the family to the pediatrician or other appointments
– Referrals to specialists in areas of need that present themselves whether it be support groups, therapists, acupuncturists, babysitters, pediatricians, community events, household services, classes etc
– Phone and text support

And much much more.

Erica and Laura have been working as postpartum doulas in New York City for over 4 years and have served over 100 families combined.

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