Threshold Ceremony





This sacred ceremony mindfully and gently closes the body, mind and soul after the deep opening of pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Using releasing techniques, a healing bath, breathwork, healing touch and other energy clearing tools I will hold the space for you as you intently call in what you need and release what is no longer serving.


“After making major life adjustments to birth and breastfeed twins, my psyche was not fully prepared to leave my childbearing years behind without first finding a sense of closure. Erica provided the perfect, deep witnessing I was seeking through a Sealing Ceremony and I am forever grateful. Her wise listening, ritual herbal bath and gentle Breathwork was exactly what I needed to feel seen, integrated and whole. I felt immediately at ease with Erica as her joyful approach, intuitive nature and healing touch are brilliant medicine. She helped me experience how my unique story is also powerfully universal. For anyone looking for help to energetically close a major life transition (whether the birth of a child or another expansive project), I highly recommend Birdsong! “     -Adrienne